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LG VS Panasonic Solar for | Residential Homeowners

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LG & Panasonic, both market leaders are the best solar panel brands in the solar energy industry. The two competitors are globally recognized as sellers of high-efficiency and top-quality best solar panels for your home. Both solar brands deliver additional benefits through technology innovation in panel designing.


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For a homeowner, installing solar energy panels from LG and Panasonic is always a good investment. These are the best solar panel brands that commit to delivering premium quality and the latest solar technology products. Alongside this, the product warranties and after-sale services of these brands increase customer satisfaction.

However, LG & Panasonic continuously innovate their technology and designs to increase solar energy system outputs and solar energy efficiency.

On the one side, The LG standard solar modules are made up of 60 cells. On the other hand, Panasonic solar modules consist of 96 solar cells. However, there are special models also available from both the best solar panel brands. Both brands' panels are ideal for residential as well as commercial installs.

In this article, we will compare the best solar panel brands LG & Panasonic on the following basis:

·    Panel Technology & Specification

·    Module Average Cost

·    Efficiency Rating

·    Product Warranty and Degradation Rate

Comparison between Panel Technology & Specification

To achieve the goal of manufacturing high-efficiency premium products, both companies utilize their different technologies. LG solar panels are made of N-Type solar cells technology. This technology uses phosphorous which leads to lower Light-Induced Degradation after the installation. This means that such solar energy panels are higher in efficiency and have a low degradation rate. In addition, the cells increase the panel performance in hot sunny weather. In comparison, Panasonic solar panels are made of Silicon Layers Technology. This helps in reducing the carrier loss of electrons. As a result, the panels have high efficiency with long-time energy output.

Moreover, the cell structure is a pyramid that helps in reducing outward reflection. Also, it directly reflects rays into the cell surface. The cell design of 96 cells is Panasonic's unique design along with other essential solar energy products like racking, investors, etc.

Comparing both, LG panels are somehow higher watt panels than Panasonic. However, both companies' solar energy panels are of higher efficiency. A homeowner can choose any of them according to home needs.

Comparison between Module Average Cost

If we compare the average panel cost of LG & Panasonic solar modules, LG's average panel cost is around $0.81/watt. On the other side, the Panasonic panel's average cost starts from $0.78/watt.

The best solar panel brands somehow cost, higher per module. This is because they ensure higher product output and premium quality panels for a long time.

Panasonic & LG both brands of solar go side by side in case of cost, performance, and efficiency. Both manufacturers also ensure long-lasting product warranties for customer satisfaction.

In cost comparison, Panasonic comes out on top by $0.03 per watt on average. In the case of other product benefits like efficiency ratings, and warranties both brands are almost the same.

What is the difference between LG VS. Panasonic Efficiency Rating?


The both best solar panel brands LG and Panasonic ensure to offer premium quality and higher efficiency solar energy systems in the market.

If both manufacturers' panels are compared, the Panasonic module efficiency is 20.3%. While on the other side, LG module efficiency is 20.4%. Although both panels have a low degradation rate which adds more value to the solar system. Both solar panel systems can generate solar power for more than 20 years at the same level.

What is the Product Warranty and Degradation Rate of both brands?

The degradation rate and warranty of the panels play a vital role in analyzing the quality and work efficiency of solar energy systems. Both best solar panel brands are offering industry-leading panels warranty for their customer satisfaction. The warranties include 25 years Product Warranty & 25 years Performance Warranty as well in both cases.

The performance warranty depicts how much energy loss will be during the life span of panels. While the panel degradation rate is the ratio at which solar panel degrades. The low the degradation rate is, the better the performance of the panels will be.

LG standard panel degradation rate is 0.55%/yr. While the Panasonic panel's initial degradation ratio is 0.26%. Panasonic panels degrade with a high ratio after the first year. Instead, LG panels have a higher degradation rate between the 2nd to 25 years of the period.

The degradation ratio must be calculated while sizing the solar energy system.

However, both best solar panel brands offer the leading warranties, high-performance guarantees, and high degradation rates. It is difficult to tag one of them as the best.

LG & Panasonic both offers industry-leading efficiency solar panel. The panels are also reliable and durable. Both companies offer premium solar module warranty which is backed by globally recognized brands.

However, there are some minor variations between the cost and the technologies of both the best solar panel brands. The cost of the panels, of LG & Panasonic varies also, especially in the case of AC modules.

LG Vs Panasonic Solar: Which is better?

So, if the question is, Which solar panel brand is better? The answer is LG & Panasonic. The Panasonic PV panels are high efficiency, premium quality, and high degradation rate solar. They are of somehow low cost than LG. Although both manufacturers' salaries are highly efficient there is a little bit of variation. Panasonic Solar is much more efficient than LG. Also, there is a tie between the degradation rates, product, and performance warranties as both offer premium warranties. LG & Panasonic both offer black mono-crystalline cell design.

Finally, there is very little difference between the cost of the two best solar panel brands. However, Panasonic & LG both manufactures premium-quality panels for residential homeowners. Through their high-efficiency technologies and big brand warranties, both companies ensure realistic value systems. Overall, if the homeowner invests in any of Panasonic or lg solar panel efficiency, it will be a worthy investment in both cases. Solar SME is a proud solar installer around the United States as it offers both LG & Panasonic solar installation services.

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