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by Paras Kunwar | 30-07-2021 16:16 Comments 6 recommendations 0

Call for Campus Ambassador

Date: TBD to TBD     Type: Online

It’s 2021. You are sitting before your computer and finally logging in at https://hultprize-oncampus.org/#/application-form. You are finally about to live your dream...be the Steve Jobs of your college.
Well... not really Steve Jobs-Steve Jobs but take our word for it, being a Campus Director is nothing short of being the one changemaker you have always looked up to.
You bring together a group of enthusiasts who want to give back to society. You lead them towards bringing-in-effect, the idea that will affect the lives of more people than you can ever imagine. You, by being a part of the world's largest student movement for social impact, solve the problem of thousands, if not millions.
What you’ll be doing?
- Organizing the OnCampus program at your university/college.
- Bringing in a group of leaders and enthusiasts who want to 
   create a positive impact.
- Pioneer a wave of change that will inspire all the youth around 
But what are the incentives? 
- Be eligible to qualify for the prize of 10,000 USD.
- Create a network of strong, capable and empowering   personalities.
- Get a chance to win an all-expense trip to the Hult Prize Awards Ceremony and Gala and work with Global Leaders.
And much much more…
So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be a Campus Director on hultprize.org before August 1st and join us on our mission of empowering young leaders from all over the world.
Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries. 
For more information regarding how the On Campus program works and the role of Campus director, please browse https://www.hultprize.org/on-campus/.
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Paras Kunwar

Paras Kunwar

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Paras Kunwar

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