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[World] Pick your Favorite Social Media! (~8.31) 🎁

by Eco Generation | 01-08-2023 16:53 Comments 24 Comments

Dear Tunza Eco generation All round the world, 

Meta has lauched Threads, a new text-based app to rival Twitter. 
We're pretty sure that some of you already tried it or not.  

In the previous event, we found out that our members use a lot of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. So we opened this event because we wanted to hear your various stories again. 😎

 Check out the details below & Don't forget to check the note! 😀

▶ How to Participate


Leave a comment below what kind of social media do you like the most or channel/account you like to visit along with the reasons!😎


1) Go to E-gen Event> Online Event> Info> Application form tab (Click)

2) Enter your address for prize delivery! 

3) In the content box, enter the word 'Participated'

4) Submit! Done! 

▶ Deadline
September 2

▶ Result announcement
September 6 

▶ Reward



Eco generation

Please note:

-Details of this event can be changed.

-The gift will be delivered by EMS / DHL. They cannot be delivered to those countries where EMS or DHL service is not reached. And Also, tariffs can be imposed on the parcel when they are moved across a ploitical boundary. Please understand that the winner is responsible for payment of Duties and Tariffs arising from the delivery. please note due to the current situation with COVID-19, the delivery may be subject to delay.


Emmanuel  Dassah

  • Emmanuel Dassah says :
    I prefer to use twitter and linkedin because they provide me with relevant information which I deemed inspirational and that equally broadens my understanding. Recently i added tiktok which keeps me abreast of current issues happening in the world.
    Posted 10-09-2023 12:21

Sameer Yasin

  • Sameer Yasin says :
    🌟 Hey there, fellow digital explorers 🌍🔍, Earth's guardians 🌱💪, eco-warriors,! 😎 When it comes to social media, we all have our favorites, right? Well, I'm no different! 😁

    🚀 My go-to platform has to be LinkedIn! 🌐 Why, you ask? Well, buckle up, and let me take you on a quick tour of my reasons:

    1) Next Level Networking: LinkedIn is like a treasure trove of professionals in my field. 💼 I love how I can connect with people who share my interests, engage in insightful discussions, and even collaborate on exciting projects. It's like a virtual conference that never ends! 🤝

    2) Knowledge Oasis: What's even cooler is that I get to follow accounts that are pure gold mines of information. 🔍 One of my absolute favorites is "Opportunities for Youth (OFY)." 🌟 It's a one-stop shop for scholarships, job listings, and career development opportunities. It's like having a personal mentor just a click away! 🎓💡

    3) Global Insights: And then there's the account of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. 🌍✨ His updates on global issues, especially climate change and sustainable development, are a must-read. Recently, I learned about the shift from the "age of global warming" to the "era of global boiling" – talk about a wake-up call! 🌡️💚

    But wait, there's more! 🌟

    4) Inspirational Stories: I can't forget to mention the incredible stories of everyday heroes making a difference. 🦸‍??️ Whether it's a young environmental activist planting trees or a startup founder revolutionizing renewable energy, LinkedIn is the place to find these inspiring tales of change and resilience. 🌱🌟

    On LinkedIn, I get insightful information about global matters, particularly climate change, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and innovations within a certain organization. Their updates provide valuable insights into critical issues that impact the world this is why LinkedIn is my favorite social media. 🌱💬🚀
    Posted 02-09-2023 17:13

Anghy Aquino

  • Anghy Aquino says :

    YouTube has captured my heart as my favorite social media platform. It holds a special place not only because it was my initial foray into the world of social media but due to the nostalgic memories associated with its inception. I vividly recall the time when my father brought home our first computer, ushering in the era of internet connectivity in our household. In those exciting moments, my brother and I immediately navigated to YouTube, a platform that was enjoying immense popularity around 2009.

    From that moment onward, YouTube has been an ever-present companion on my digital journey. This brief anecdote encapsulates my introduction to this influential platform. The significance of YouTube transcends mere reminiscences; it offers an array of benefits, particularly in the realm of education. Countless times, YouTube has come to my aid, enhancing my learning experiences both during my school and university years. Whether grappling with complex math problems, unraveling intricate chemical reactions, or deciphering the enigmas of physics, YouTube was my go-to source. Its extensive library of videos, contributed by various creators, tackled subjects that posed challenges to me. Notable channels such as @RUBENGALEASARANA, managed by a university professor in Electrical Engineering, @SaberProgramas, @alexism93tutos, @Lagartijasvlogs, and @CODEMENTAL, among others, became my virtual mentors.

    Beyond academic support, YouTube extended its assistance to various facets of life. If I found myself home alone, staring at a kitchen and its unknown culinary possibilities, YouTube's culinary connoisseurs stepped in. Their tutorials transformed me from an amateur cook to someone capable of conjuring culinary magic. Accounts like @AjiCausa and @AbelCa9p guided me through the gastronomic labyrinth.

    My interests extend beyond the confines of academia and the kitchen. YouTube has also been my gateway to horticultural wisdom. Whether coaxing life from a tiny seed or concocting nutrient-rich compost, YouTube's gardening experts held the keys to verdant success. Channels such as @CosasdelJardin, @Casahuertoyjardin, and @LaHuertadeIvan cultivated my understanding of the botanical realm.

    However, YouTube's contributions are not limited to education, cooking, and gardening. It has served as a boundless resource for repair endeavors and do-it-yourself crafting adventures. The platform held the answer to my brother's printer predicament, while crafting channels like @CANALCROCHET, @tallermanualperu, and @EsperanzaRosasTejiendoPeru guided me through intricate creative processes.

    In essence, YouTube stands as a digital treasure trove, offering a panoply of solutions and insights. This appreciation is not just reserved for the platform itself; it extends to the countless creators who populate it. These individuals form the lifeblood of YouTube, tirelessly sharing their expertise and passions, ultimately enriching the lives of countless viewers like me.

    I definitely love YouTube 💖💚
    Posted 31-08-2023 15:24

Richard Adayi

  • Richard Adayi says :
    I have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp as social media. My favorite one is Facebook.
    - Facebook is popular in my country and most used social media App after WhatsApp.
    - Facebook is simple to access by his Lite App and for gathering all type of tendance and opportunity such as news, job, gags, articles, announces, shops; all format of data structure such as text, videos, image, audio.
    - Facebook is worldwide and trying to include all sector of activity, from government to unformal. It??s a privileged place for NGO, here in Togo to publish and talk about their activities. I??ve personally discovered @Ecogeneration better there through some related past Ambs.
    And since being Ambassador I was encouraging the @Ecogeneration page there by reactions, seconding most often there the becomed friend Amb @Emiade Serah Ayomide.
    Thank you.
    Posted 31-08-2023 12:55

Marietta Tan    Collins

  • Marietta Tan Collins says :
    Fellow admirers of beauty and seekers of inspiration! 🌿📌 When it comes to curating ideas, tips, and solutions for a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, there's a corner of Pinterest that's dedicated to all things related to the environment – the environment space. 🌍🌱 Pinterest has transformed from a platform of creative expression to a hub for discovering ways to live harmoniously with our planet.
    Favorite Pinterest Boards in the Environment Space:
    1. Green Living: Sustainable Tips 🌱🌎 For those eager to embrace a greener lifestyle, the Green Living: Sustainable Tips board is a goldmine of ideas. From DIY upcycling projects to eco-friendly home hacks, this board is a visual guide to making conscious choices that reduce our environmental footprint.
    Reasons I Love It:
    • Visual Inspiration: Each pin is a visual representation of practical tips and ideas, making it easy to incorporate sustainable practices into daily life.
    • Practical Solutions: The board covers a wide range of topics, including zero-waste living, energy conservation, and mindful consumption, making it a one-stop destination for sustainable living ideas.
    • Community Engagement: The comment section often becomes a space for sharing experiences, successes, and challenges, creating a supportive community of eco-conscious individuals.
    2. Nature's Beauty: Photography 📸🍃 If you're captivated by the beauty of our planet's landscapes and creatures, the Nature's Beauty: Photography board is a visual feast that celebrates the magnificence of nature. From stunning landscapes to captivating wildlife shots, this board is a reminder of why protecting our environment is so crucial.
    Reasons I Love It:
    • Visual Escapism: Each photograph transports me to different corners of the world, instilling a deep appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our natural world.
    • Awareness Building: The board often includes images that highlight the impact of human activity on nature, encouraging viewers to take action and protect these precious landscapes.
    • Artistic Expression: The board showcases the artistic prowess of photographers who use their lens to raise awareness and inspire a greater connection with the environment.
    Pinterest's environment space isn't just about collecting pins; it's about curating a vision for a more harmonious relationship with our planet. With boards like Green Living: Sustainable Tips and Nature's Beauty: Photography, you're not just scrolling; you're creating a visual journey that guides you toward a more environmentally conscious way of life. So, start pinning, sharing, and let your Pinterest experience become a canvas for a more sustainable future! 🌿📌🌍

    Posted 31-08-2023 02:49

Dafford Owino

  • Dafford Owino says :
    Title: My Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter

    Twitter, without a doubt, is my go-to social media platform. There's something undeniably captivating about its fast-paced nature, concise yet impactful format, and the incredible diversity of content that's readily available. Here's a deeper look into why I find myself gravitating towards Twitter:

    1. Bite-Sized Information: In a world where information overload is a constant challenge, Twitter's character limit forces users to distill their thoughts into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom. This constraint encourages creativity in communication, pushing users to express their ideas concisely, yet effectively. I love how a single tweet can be powerful enough to spark a thought-provoking conversation or ignite a trend.

    2. Real-Time Updates: Twitter is a hub of real-time information. Whether it's news, events, or trends, you can be sure that Twitter will have the latest updates. This makes it an invaluable tool for staying informed about current affairs, breaking news, and emerging trends across various fields. It's like having a finger on the pulse of the world.

    3. Diverse Perspectives: The platform's openness allows people from all walks of life to share their viewpoints, experiences, and stories. This creates a rich tapestry of perspectives that broadens my horizons and encourages empathy. I've gained insights into cultures, opinions, and realities that I might not have encountered otherwise, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around me.

    4. Connection and Networking: Twitter effortlessly bridges the gap between individuals, no matter where they are. It's not just a space for celebrities and influencers; it's a platform for genuine interactions. I've had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and even make friends with people who share my passions. The power of networking on Twitter is truly unparalleled.

    5. Creativity Unleashed: From memes to art to innovative threads, Twitter is a canvas for creativity. It's astonishing to witness how people push the boundaries of the platform's limitations to create engaging and visually captivating content. Whether it's a thought-provoking thread or a hilarious meme, Twitter is a treasure trove of creativity.

    6. Amplifying Voices: Twitter has become a catalyst for change and a platform where voices that might have been overlooked in the past can now be heard loud and clear. Activism, social justice movements, and humanitarian causes gain momentum on Twitter, showcasing its power to mobilize and make a difference.

    In a nutshell, Twitter isn't just a social media platform for me; it's a dynamic space where ideas flow freely, connections are forged, and the world comes alive in 280 characters or less. Its ability to inform, inspire, and connect is unparalleled, and that's why it has earned its place as my favorite social media platform. So, if you're ever looking for a place to dive into a sea of diverse perspectives, stay up-to-date with real-time events, or simply have a good laugh, Twitter is the place to be! 🐦🌟 #MyFavoriteSocialPlatform #TwitterLover
    Posted 30-08-2023 22:49

Adrian Mwangi  Waime

  • Adrian Mwangi Waime says :
    Earth champions and knowledge seekers! 🌎🌿 Welcome to the thriving realm of Reddit's environment enthusiasts – the environment space! 🌱🔍 It's where global citizens gather to share, discuss, and ignite change for a greener world.
    Favorite Reddit Subreddits:

    1. r/SustainableLiving 🌍🏡 Passionate about sustainable living? This subreddit is a treasure trove 🧡 overflowing with eco-friendly tips, zero-waste hacks, and more! Join the community to shrink your carbon footprint and share your journey! 🌱♻️ Why It Rocks: • Community Vibes: Connect with fellow eco-warriors, sharing triumphs and struggles on the path to sustainability. 🤝🌱 • Handy Hacks: Discover DIY eco-projects and product suggestions that make green living a breeze. 🛠️🌿 • Team Genius: Collaborate on inventive solutions for complex eco-challenges and inspire positive change! 💡🌎

    2. r/ClimateAction 🌿📢 Ready to combat climate change? This subreddit is your megaphone 📣 for discussing strategies, amplifying voices, and driving real action. Join hands for a cooler planet! ❄️🌤️ Why It's Epic: • Action Galore: Engage in practical climate chats, kickstarting brainstorming sessions that fuel change. 🗣️🚀 • News Oasis: Find a trove of climate-related articles and resources to stay informed and empowered. 📚🌍 • Unity Hub: Connect with climate advocates, seek advice, and forge bonds with like-hearted change-makers. 🤗🌱

    Reddit's environment space isn't just threads; it's a pulsating hub of change-making, knowledge-sharing, and impact! With subreddits like r/SustainableLiving and r/ClimateAction, you're not just scrolling; you're co-piloting a greener future. 🌱🚀 Dive in, contribute, and let your Reddit journey become a catalyst for environmental revolution! 🌍🌟

    Posted 30-08-2023 20:44

Halima Mohammed  Roba

  • Halima Mohammed Roba says :
    Hey there, fellow social media enthusiasts! 🌟 When it comes to the digital world, there's one platform that has truly captured my heart – TikTok. But wait, not just any TikTok content – I'm all about the accounts that are making a real impact in the realm of environmental conservation and Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) – Climate Action. 🌍 Let's dive into two exceptional accounts that I can't get enough of and the reasons why they've won me over!
    Account 1: @EcoWarriorWonders 🌱 When it comes to a perfect blend of education, inspiration, and jaw-dropping visuals, @EcoWarriorWonders is my go-to TikTok account. 🍃 This account is like a treasure trove of eco-friendly tips, heartwarming success stories, and eye-opening facts about the environment. The creator's creative use of animations and infographics makes complex environmental concepts a breeze to understand, and the consistent updates keep me eagerly checking my feed for more.
    What sets @EcoWarriorWonders apart is their dedication to SDG 13. They take climate action seriously and use their platform to spread awareness about the urgency of the climate crisis. From simple everyday changes we can make to big-scale initiatives, they cover it all. And did I mention their interactive challenges? They manage to turn sustainability into a fun, collective effort. 🌈
    Account 2: @GreenAdventures 🌏 Imagine a virtual tour around the world's most breathtaking landscapes, all while learning about their ecological significance – that's @GreenAdventures for you! 🏞️ This account takes us on a mesmerizing journey through nature's wonders while emphasizing the importance of preserving these natural treasures for future generations.
    @GreenAdventures doesn't just stop at showcasing beauty; they delve deep into the realities of how climate change is impacting these landscapes and what steps we can take to protect them. Their collaborations with local environmentalists and indigenous communities add a layer of authenticity that's truly commendable. Each video is a reminder of why SDG 13 matters so much.
    Conclusion: So, there you have it, folks! 🌈 @EcoWarriorWonders and @GreenAdventures are my ultimate TikTok favorites when it comes to diving into the world of environmental consciousness and SDG 13. These accounts not only educate but also inspire action – and they do it all while keeping us thoroughly entertained. Whether you're already an eco-enthusiast or just starting to dip your toes into sustainability, these accounts are sure to leave you informed, motivated, and ready to contribute to a greener future. 🌿 Let's TikTok our way to a more sustainable planet! 🌎💚

    Posted 30-08-2023 06:45

Jamal Abdiraman  Yasin

  • Jamal Abdiraman Yasin says :
    Hello, fellow eco-enthusiasts and podcast aficionados! 🌿🎧 When it comes to delving deep into environmental issues, finding solutions, and gaining insights from experts, there's a realm of podcasts that's dedicated to exploring the wonders and challenges of our planet – the environment space. 🌍🎙️ Podcasts have transformed into a medium that offers a wealth of knowledge, all while you go about your daily routines.
    Favorite Environment Podcasts:
    1. "Sustainability Sessions" 🌱🎤 If you're seeking in-depth discussions about sustainability and the environment, "Sustainability Sessions" is a podcast that'll have you hooked. Hosted by experts and thought leaders, each episode delves into topics like renewable energy, conservation, and the intersection of sustainability with various industries.
    Why I love Sustainability Sessions:
    • Expert Insights: The podcast features conversations with scientists, activists, and professionals who offer nuanced perspectives on pressing environmental issues.
    • Actionable Solutions: Episodes often highlight tangible ways listeners can incorporate sustainable practices into their lives, making the information more relatable and achievable.
    • Current Relevance: "Sustainability Sessions" stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, ensuring each episode is both informative and timely.
    2. "The Wild Podcast" 🐾🎙️ For those who are captivated by the natural world and its inhabitants, "The Wild Podcast" is a journey into the wonders of biodiversity and conservation. Through engaging storytelling, this podcast transports listeners to the habitats of creatures both familiar and exotic.
    Why I love the Wild Podcast:
    • Rich Storytelling: "The Wild Podcast" weaves captivating narratives about wildlife, their behaviors, and the efforts to protect their habitats, creating an immersive listening experience.
    • Awareness Building: Each episode brings attention to the challenges facing different species and ecosystems, sparking a greater sense of responsibility for their preservation.
    • Educational Value: The podcast strikes a balance between entertainment and education, allowing listeners to deepen their understanding of the natural world.
    Podcasts in the environment space aren't just audio recordings; they're portals to expanded knowledge, new perspectives, and a heightened connection with our planet. With shows like "Sustainability Sessions" and "The Wild Podcast," you're not just listening; you're embarking on intellectual journeys that foster a deeper appreciation for the Earth and its intricate ecosystems. So, plug in those earphones, hit play, and let the world of environment podcasts enrich your mind as you go about your day! 🌿🎧🌍

    Posted 30-08-2023 06:33


    Hey, fellow social media enthusiast! 📸🌟 When it comes to visually captivating platforms that let you share your life's moments in style, Instagram takes the crown. 🎉 From stunning photos to engaging stories, Instagram is my ultimate playground for creativity, inspiration, and staying connected.
    Favorite Instagram Accounts:
    1. @NatGeoTravel 🌍📷 If your heart yearns for adventure and your eyes crave breathtaking visuals, then you must check out National Geographic Travel. 🌆🏞️ Their feed is a visual feast of stunning landscapes, wildlife encounters, and cultural gems from around the world. Each post is a window into the wonders of our planet.
    Reasons I Love Instagram:
    • Visual Extravaganza: The jaw-dropping photography instantly transports me to far-off destinations, letting me experience the world vicariously.
    • Educational Content: Captions often provide intriguing facts about the places and cultures depicted, turning each post into a mini educational journey.
    • Wanderlust Fuel: This account ignites my wanderlust and inspires me to add new places to my travel bucket list.
    2. @InspirationalArtistry 🎨✨ Art has the power to touch our souls, and Inspirational Artistry knows exactly how to harness that power. 🖌️🌈 This account curates a mesmerizing collection of artwork spanning various styles and mediums. From traditional paintings to digital masterpieces, it's a haven for art enthusiasts.
    Reasons I Love Instagram:
    • Artistic Diversity: The account showcases a wide range of art forms, introducing me to artists and styles I might never have discovered otherwise.
    • Emotional Impact: The pieces featured often evoke strong emotions, reminding me of the beauty and complexity of human creativity.
    • Support for Artists: By sharing and engaging with these artworks, I feel like I'm contributing to the artistic community and supporting talented creators.
    Instagram isn't just a photo-sharing platform; it's a canvas for self-expression and connection. With accounts like @NatGeoTravel and @InspirationalArtistry, you're invited to embark on a journey through breathtaking landscapes and the world of artistry. So, scroll through, double-tap, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of images and inspiration that Instagram has to offer. 📸✨

    Posted 29-08-2023 03:14

Jing Yuan Huang

  • Jing Yuan Huang says :
    Personally speaking, I prefer to use Instagram not only for its convenient message function but also for the diverse content on it. Before Instagram came out, I knew my friends' daily lives from Facebook, watched creative videos on YouTube, and contacted intimate on WhatsApp. However, as Instagram was promoted, these apps no longer survive on my phone anymore. To sum up, I would like to describe Instagram as a combination of Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp. Furthermore, there are many inspirational accounts on Instagram. For instance, the account The Nature Conservancy advocates for environment protection and reposts fascinating photos from environment photographers around the world.
    Posted 29-08-2023 00:42

Cheryl Chong Yee Ting

  • Cheryl Chong Yee Ting says :
    My favorite Social Media is Instagram, a basic everyday app that almost everyone with a smartphone in the 21st century has. I love sharing posts and information with my friends whenever and wherever. It is convenient, fun, and a great tool for catching up with long-distance or daily friends.

    In the events of participating in programs or campaigns, I can share my thoughts and views, as well as publicize these activities' information to people around me easily. I have shared 13 posts on environmental sustainability in the past week alone. It also lights up my day by seeing content I love, such as baby animals.

    Besides that, I love sharing my daily interesting content with my followers and friends. I know some people who define themselves with the amount of "followers" online, but our self-worth should not be based on virtual numbers that we can never control. Instead, we should focus more on the people and life around us.

    Social Media is a tool. Instagram is my tool, to connect, communicate, and compose myself for sharing amongst friends and families I trust. I use Instagram on a daily basis, but self-control is important when it comes to addiction, hence I limit myself to 1 hour per day of Instagram usage.

    I hope everyone can see and use such a wonderful app for its ability and positive traits to bring better change to oneself and those who are around.

    Posted 26-08-2023 00:12

Fidele Nyandwi

  • Fidele Nyandwi says :
    Apart from Gmail, I like Instagram for it is where I happened to know about Tunza Eco Generation. The next is linked in.
    Posted 26-08-2023 00:06

Chiteu Kasongo

  • Chiteu Kasongo says :
    LinkedIn, often referred to as the "professional social media platform," stands out from other social networks due to its unique focus on connecting individuals in a professional context. Since its inception in 2002, LinkedIn has transformed the way people approach networking, job searching, and career development. Here's a closer look at what makes LinkedIn a favorite platform for many:

    1. Professional Networking: Unlike platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where the emphasis is on personal connections, LinkedIn centers around creating and nurturing professional connections. It's an ideal platform for expanding your network, connecting with colleagues, industry peers, mentors, and even potential employers or clients.

    2. Job Opportunities: LinkedIn has become a go-to platform for job seekers and recruiters alike. Users can create detailed profiles that showcase their skills, work experience, education, and accomplishments. Job postings are prevalent on the platform, and users can apply directly through LinkedIn, making the job search process more streamlined.

    3. Thought Leadership and Content Sharing: LinkedIn provides a space for users to share their insights, expertise, and opinions through written posts and articles. This feature allows professionals to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields and engage in meaningful conversations with others in their industry.

    4. Company Pages: Businesses and organizations have a presence on LinkedIn through company pages. These pages provide information about the company, its products or services, job openings, and updates. Following companies you're interested in can keep you informed about their latest developments.

    5. Learning and Skill Development: LinkedIn Learning, a feature integrated with the platform, offers a wide range of online courses covering various topics, from technical skills to soft skills like leadership and communication. This adds an educational dimension to the platform and enhances users' professional growth.

    6. Recommendations and Endorsements: LinkedIn allows users to endorse each other's skills and write recommendations based on their professional interactions. These endorsements and recommendations can validate your expertise and work ethic in the eyes of potential employers or clients.

    7. Industry Groups and Communities: LinkedIn Groups provide spaces for professionals with shared interests to discuss topics, share insights, and network. These groups can be excellent resources for staying updated on industry trends and connecting with like-minded individuals.

    8. Networking Opportunities: LinkedIn hosts various networking events, both online and offline, that provide users with opportunities to meet professionals from their field. These events can be particularly valuable for establishing connections and expanding your professional circle.
    9. Diverse User Base: LinkedIn boasts a diverse user base spanning across industries, job roles, and geographical locations. This diversity fosters a global professional community where you can learn from others with unique perspectives and experiences.

    10. Privacy and Control: LinkedIn offers privacy settings that allow users to control who sees their information and updates. This level of control can be particularly appealing for individuals who want to maintain a professional online presence without compromising their privacy.
    Posted 25-08-2023 02:38


  • MURENGERANTWARI Dorce says :
    Social media has become one of the most impactful tools to drive positive changes in our community, Country, Africa and the rest of the world.
    Though, one of my favorite social media is LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn is social networking positions that specifically target business people. LinkedIn is the biggest among other social networking tools with more than 45 million users. LinkedIn is among the most powerful networking sites and helps businesses as well as individuals who find some interest in it like students.
    Several benefits are realized when one uses LinkedIn. networking sites. For instance, a student can make use of LinkedIn to manage his/her future career. For a student to benefit fully from the services of LinkedIn he has to decide where he would like to work and in what industry.
    In addition, the student will be required to state the type of work he wishes to do. More specific details of a student's profile increase the chances of him being contacted as a qualified candidate. Through LinkedIn, a student is in a position to highlight his keywords, which shows what he has already done, and what he is capable of doing which will assist him to meet the potential employer.

    Through LinkedIn, any student gets a chance to pose different questions to the other users and he can also answer the many questions which are always asked. Students can learn so many things concerning the way to advance their careers. Such as Leadership, Communication Skills and so on .

    Most of the students have joined helpful groups through LinkedIn including me whereby we interact with intelligent people with whom we can enrich knowledge among ourselves.

    Students have been able to state their career objectives clearly and to add more applications which have been increasing their chances of getting job opportunities.
    Thank you so much!.
    Posted 24-08-2023 05:15

Patience Nansamba

  • Patience Nansamba says :
    I find myself consistently drawn to Pinterest as my favourite social media platform to use.
    1.Visual Inspiration: Pinterest is known for its visually appealing content. I can always discover and save images related to my interests, hobbies, and aspirations, making it a source of inspiration and creativity.

    2.Personalized Feeds: Pinterest's algorithm curates content based on user preferences and past interactions, leading to a feed tailored to individual interests.

    3.Niche Communities: Pinterest allows me to explore and connect with others who share specific interests, hobbies, or passions, creating a sense of belonging within niche communities.

    4.DIY and How-To: The platform is rich in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and how-to guides, making it a valuable resource for learning and trying new things.

    5.Bookmarking Tool: I often turn to Pinterest as a virtual bookmarking tool to save articles, recipes, fashion ideas, and other content i want to revisit later.

    6.Positive Environment: I find Pinterest to be a positive and uplifting space, with content focused on self-improvement, wellness, and personal growth.

    7.No Pressure for Real-Time Engagement: Unlike other platforms that prioritize real-time interactions, Pinterest's content has a longer lifespan, allowing me to engage at my own pace.

    8.Visual Search: Pinterest's visual search feature allows me to search using images rather than keywords, making it easier to find related content.
    Posted 23-08-2023 07:12

Aidana Moldahanova

  • Aidana Moldahanova says :
    Alright, so there??s this app that??s kind of won my heart in the crazy world of social media – Threads. I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate how it??s like a breath of fresh air in the digital chaos? Seriously, it??s got this sleek vibe that??s like a cool mix of modern art and your favorite cozy corner in a coffee shop.

    So, Threads is all about keeping it snappy, like Twitter??s bite-sized brilliance. But here??s the twist: it??s not just about quick updates; you can actually have these real conversations that go beyond the usual “likes” and “retweets.” It??s like having a real heart-to-heart in a world that??s full of emoji reactions.

    Here??s where it gets interesting – the moment that made me go “whoa, this is my jam.” I was just scrolling through my Insta, you know, the usual routine. And then, bam! There??s this story about Threads. It??s like a digital treasure map that led me to this hidden gem. Curiosity piqued, I jumped right in.

    And let me tell you, it was like discovering a secret clubhouse for wisdom. One thread caught my eye – I??m talking about goldmine-level stuff here. It was all about tips to conquer the IELTS exam, that big language test everyone??s kinda freaked out about. Those tips were like unlocking cheat codes to ace the test, seriously.

    So, now I??m sitting there, all enlightened and stuff, and I??m thinking, “Whoa, this Threads thing is like my digital guardian angel.” It??s not just an app; it??s like a personal guide through this crazy journey of life. Plus, it??s more than just info – it??s like a chill hangout spot where you can actually learn something new every time you drop by.

    In a world where everyone??s competing for your attention, Threads is like that cool friend who??s just there to listen and share some seriously helpful insights. It??s like finding a hidden gem in the middle of a noisy digital marketplace.

    So, yeah, Threads – it??s more than an app; it??s like a cozy corner of the internet where the conversations are real, the insights are gold, and you??re always one click away from discovering something awesome. It??s got that mix of familiarity and innovation that makes you go, “Hey, this is something special.
    Posted 22-08-2023 17:02

Jean Blaise Seka

  • Jean Blaise Seka says :
    Facebook has emerged as an indispensable social media platform for advocacy campaigns in Cameroon, enabling me to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide and amplify my impact. Here are three key reasons why Facebook stands out as the best platform for me.

    Firstly, Facebook's extensive user base makes it an ideal platform for reaching a wide audience. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users globally, Facebook provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with individuals who share a passion for social causes. In Cameroon, where internet penetration is rapidly increasing, Facebook boasts a significant user presence, making it an effective medium to engage with local communities and amplify advocacy messages.

    Secondly, Facebook's diverse range of features facilitates the creation of engaging and interactive content. Through Facebook Pages, groups, and events, advocates can establish a strong online presence, share information, and organize campaigns. The platform's multimedia capabilities, such as photo albums, videos, and live streaming, enable advocates to showcase their initiatives and generate greater empathy and understanding. Additionally, Facebook's algorithms and targeting tools allow campaigners to reach specific demographics, ensuring their message reaches the most relevant audience.

    Lastly, Facebook's global nature fosters connections with like-minded individuals worldwide, fostering a sense of solidarity and enabling cross-cultural collaboration. Advocacy campaigns in Cameroon can leverage Facebook's Groups and communities to connect with individuals from different countries who have experienced similar challenges and triumphs. This international perspective can enrich local campaigns by providing new insights, best practices, and global support, ultimately leading to a broader impact.

    In conclusion, Facebook's extensive user base, diverse range of features, and global connectivity make it the ideal social media platform for advocacy campaigns in Cameroon. By harnessing the power of Facebook, advocates can amplify their message, connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, and create a greater impact in their pursuit of social change.
    Posted 20-08-2023 19:06

Shreya Kaushik

  • Shreya Kaushik says :
    love using LinkedIn the most because of the following reasons:
    - Offers very informative, inspiring, and thought provoking content in every single post even if I am mindlessly scrolling, I learn something new.
    - It helps me to discover several new opportunities and take inspiration from others.
    - It helps me to connect with several scholars, and scientist to learn more about their experiences.
    - It also gives me the chance to help others by sharing with the experiences I have been part of.
    Posted 16-08-2023 03:41


    Dear Tunza Eco Generation members,
    I am delighted to share my passion for environmental issues and my favorite social media platform, WhatsApp, with all of you. WhatsApp has undoubtedly become an essential part of my journey as an environmentally conscious individual for the following reasons:
    1. Direct and Private Communication: WhatsApp allows me to have direct and private conversations with fellow environmental enthusiasts, experts, and activists. This one-on-one interaction fosters meaningful discussions and collaboration on various environmental initiatives.
    2. Quick Information Sharing: With WhatsApp's easy-to-use interface, I can swiftly share articles, research papers, and environmental news with my contacts, spreading awareness about critical issues and inspiring action.
    3. Environment-Focused Groups: WhatsApp offers a platform to join environment-focused groups, where members can share valuable insights, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects with a specific environmental focus.
    4. Local and Global Reach: Through WhatsApp, I can connect with like-minded individuals both locally and globally, expanding my network and gaining diverse perspectives on environmental challenges and solutions.
    5. Event Organization and Participation: I love using WhatsApp to organize and participate in environmental events, workshops, and clean-up drives. The app's features simplify event coordination and ensure maximum participation.
    The impact of WhatsApp in the realm of environmental engagement is remarkable. By joining environment groups on WhatsApp, individuals can stay informed about the latest environmental developments, share opportunities related to the environment, and collaborate on projects aimed at addressing pressing ecological concerns. The ease of communication through WhatsApp facilitates the swift dissemination of information, enabling timely responses to environmental issues and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.
    Ultimately, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for environmental enthusiasts like us. Its efficient communication capabilities and group features facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and meaningful actions to safeguard our planet. Let us continue to leverage this platform's potential to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the environment.

    Posted 09-08-2023 17:36

Muhammad Asif  Khan

  • Muhammad Asif Khan says :
    Social Media is the greatest invention, through this we can connect with our loved ones. These are wonderful sources of getting knowledge and what is currently happening in the world. Today I??m talking about one of my favorite social media apps which is LinkedIn, The LinkedIn app provides numerous advantages to professionals in a variety of industries. The app also promotes knowledge exchange by providing users with industry-specific content, articles, and discussions, allowing them to stay up to date on the newest trends and ideas. Furthermore, it gives a platform for highlighting one's professional accomplishments and talents, strengthening personal branding, and increasing visibility to recruiters and business partners. Job searchers can use the app's job search tool to find relevant openings, while recruiters can quickly identify eligible applicants. Today I checked on the Play Store. It has 1 billion downloads and 2 million reviews. I've been using this platform since 2018, and I connect with top scientists in my profession around the world. I saw here every one is posting their achievements. So far I am inspired by them and start following people and what they are doing, I follow the same courses to build my profiles. I get more information about the scope of my profession. Today I have approximately 7 thousand followers and 500+ connections. I used to post at least one post related to my profession. In essence, the LinkedIn app enables people to build meaningful professional relationships, gain access to valuable resources, and progress in their careers.
    Posted 06-08-2023 16:58


    In the ever-evolving world of social media, I find myself consistently drawn to Twitter as my favorite platform. Its unique characteristics and vast user base have led me to discover a wealth of information and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for environmental issues, diplomacy, politics, and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    Allow me to present five strong points that highlight why I love using Twitter:
    1. Diverse Global Community: Twitter brings together people from all corners of the globe. As a youth with a keen interest in environmental issues across the world, this diverse community allows me to learn from different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. It provides a unique platform to engage with international discussions and build global connections.
    2. Real-time Updates: Twitter's fast-paced nature ensures that I stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the fields I am passionate about. Whether it's breaking news on climate change, updates on diplomatic negotiations, or insights into global politics, Twitter serves as a valuable source of real-time information.
    3. Hashtags for Impact: Hashtags have become powerful tools for advocacy and awareness. People from all walks of life utilize hashtags to unite and amplify their voices on critical issues like climate action (#ClimateAction), sustainable development (#SDGs), and environmental conservation (#SaveOurPlanet). The impact of such campaigns on Twitter is undeniable, raising awareness and mobilizing action on a global scale.
    4. Engaging with Experts and Leaders: Twitter facilitates direct interactions with experts, policymakers, and influential figures. Following and engaging with prominent personalities involved in environment-related matters, such as environmentalists, diplomats, and politicians, allows me to stay informed and learn from their insights.
    5. Fostering Youth Activism: Twitter is a powerful platform for young activists like me to make a difference. It enables us to voice our concerns, advocate for change, and create networks with other environmentally conscious youth. The platform's accessibility and reach empower us to participate actively in shaping the future we want.
    The impact of Twitter on important global issues is significant. For instance, when disasters strike, people from all over the world come together under hashtags like #ClimateEmergency or #DisasterRelief to share information, organize aid, and offer support. Likewise, the #FridaysForFuture movement gained immense traction on Twitter, mobilizing youth across the globe to demand urgent climate action from their governments.
    Ultimately, Twitter serves as an invaluable tool for youth activists and anyone passionate about environmental issues, diplomacy, politics, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Its diverse community, real-time updates, impactful hashtags, direct engagement with experts, and promotion of youth activism make it an ideal platform to stay informed, advocate for positive change, and inspire others to join the collective effort in creating a sustainable and prosperous world.
    Together, let us continue using Twitter and other social media platforms to raise awareness, share knowledge, and foster global cooperation in our pursuit of a more sustainable and equitable future.

    Posted 06-08-2023 02:12

Sameer Yasin

  • Sameer Yasin says :
    I find LinkedIn to be my favorite social media platform due to its distinctive and beneficial features. It enables me to search for and connect with users, initiate conversations on topics of interest, and collaborate on projects with like-minded individuals. Additionally, the platform provides a wealth of opportunities related to my field of interest, fostering a fantastic environment for my personal and professional growth. Among the accounts I regularly visit on LinkedIn, are my favorites are:

    1) Opportunities for Youth (OFY). This account offers valuable information and opportunities for young individuals. OFY provides study possibilities, scholarships, grants, training, conferences, jobs, and internships all in one convenient place, making it an exceptional resource for personal and professional growth.

    2) Secondly, One of the LinkedIn accounts I frequently follow is that of a prominent individual, The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, He shares insightful information about global matters, particularly climate change, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and innovations within a certain organization. Their updates provide valuable insights into critical issues that impact the world. Recently, I learned about a concerning shift from the "age of global warming" to something they call the "era of global boiling," which emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate change. Staying updated through this account encourages me to engage actively in promoting positive change on important global topics.
    Posted 03-08-2023 22:55

Fiona Brown

  • Fiona Brown says :
    Social media applications I prefer include LinkedIn, because it provides excellent opportunities to connect with other advocates and stakeholders on environmental issues, and Instagram for its ability to share impactful visual content.
    Posted 03-08-2023 00:12

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