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Waste to Energy Initiative Uganda

Location: Africa Uganda     Type: public     Date: 05-05-2018 01:22




Location: Africa Ghana     Type: public     Date: 24-02-2018 07:49

Hello, Together shall we fish for solutions



Location: Africa     Type: public     Date: 31-08-2017 19:36

THIS IS THE HOME OF ENVIRONMENTAL GURUS IN NIGERIA, which physical office is in Aba city in Abia state of Nigeria, President introduction, it is my dearest pleasure to be part of the Tunza Eco-generation Ambassadors - the change makers and great environmental leaders. I am full of joy to know I will be working with you all and I thank Tunza Eco-generation very much with all my heart for such privilege given to me to serve my community in this unique platform. It will be good for you to know that I am a student studying computer engineering in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) but it is my love and passion for environmental issues and activities that brought me this far to agitate for the wellness of the ecosystem and environmental activities of my community - Nigeria. As I always hope and dream I will continue my good work for environment to the level of representing my continent-Africa, and beyond. I look forward for successful and fruitful term and work you. Thanks for your time reading and God bless you and your environment. Victor Eke Mba HERE COMES AFRICA CODE WEEK 2018 TUNZA ECO-GENERATION NIGERIA IS TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT, IN ACW 2018 WE ARE HOSTING TRAIN THE TRAINERS WORKSHOP IN SEPTEMBER 20 -21. AND DURING AFRICA CODE WEEK PROPER WE WILL BE TRAINING 500 KIDS ON COMPUTER SCIENCE PROJECTS OR CODING WITH SCRATCH. TUNZA ECO-GENERATION NIGERIA IS HOSTING CODE TRAINING ON ECOSYSTEM CONSERVATION FOR KIDS IN ABA WITH THE COLLABORATION OF AFRICA CODE WEEK AND SOME SCHOOLS IN ABA. THE PROGRAM IS ABOUT USING GOOGLE CS FIRST PROJECT WITH SCRATCH FOR FIGHTING AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, ALSO CONTRIBUTE FOR A BETTER WORLD. NAME OF PROGRAM - CODE FOR SAVING AFRICA ECOSYSTEM. ALL THANKS TO GOOGLE FOR SUPPORTING THE AFRICA CODE WEEK 2017 AND 2018 IN ABA. INDEED CODING IS FUN... TUNZA ECO-GENERATION NIGERIA WITH CAPETOWN SCIENCE CENTRE JUST FILL THE FACES OF ABA'S KIDS WITH SMILES...

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Location: Africa Ghana     Type: public     Date: 26-08-2017 20:43

Hello Members, am very glad to be a member of this supreme group . Thanks to everybody

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