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[Eco-generation Ambassadors ] Murdering earth is a crime

Location: World    Ahommed Takbir(AhmedAraf) | 2019-05-05 01:47:16 Comments 5 Comments

Murdering earth is a crime

We never want to pollute our home by wastages.Then why do we do the same in the case of earth??? The earth is also our home. So,let's pledge not to harm the earth with the things we don't want.Thanks. Read More >


[Eco-generation Ambassadors ] [22nd] Tracking numnber of promotional goods

Location: World    Eco Generation(admin) | 2019-04-19 16:27:30 Comments 15 Comments

[22nd] Tracking numnber of promotional goods

Dear Ambassadors, Based on the record of your mandatory reports in March, we have produced your cards and souvenirs. Please find the tracking number as below, and if youfind any di... Read More >


[Eco-generation Ambassadors ] Introduction

Location: World    Ahommed Takbir(AhmedAraf) | 2019-04-17 04:13:42 Comments 4 Comments


Hello,I am Araf,a seeker of greener world.This is my first time in the family.I am really satisfied to see students from around the world showing concern regarding environment.I dream one day we will make our planet a pollution-fr... Read More >

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