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by Eco Generation | 20-11-2020 13:35 | Status : Finished   Comments 19 Comments




Eco Generation would like to call for nominations for the 2020 Hidden Eco-hero Awards.


Unlike other environmental awards and programs appreciating well-known environmental campaign gurus, we would like to find and award the Hidden Eco-heroes and heroines around you and through your social networks.


Hidden Eco-hero can be your classmate, neighbor, SNS friend and anyone who is really passionate about protecting the environment and constantly making substantial efforts towards mother Earth. Please find and recommend the Hidden Eco-heroes who haven't got spotlighted yet.


Total of three (3)* Hidden Eco-heroes will be awarded and the recommenders shall be given a gift as a token of our appreciation.


* The number may change, depending on the situation and(or) the qualifications of the nominees. 





- Three Hidden Eco-heroes shall be given the 2020 Hidden Eco-hero Awards Certificate and one Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.


- Three Recommenders of the Hero shall be given one Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.


※ The colors of the prizes cannot be selected.


- The Hidden Eco-heroes will have the honor of being featured on Social Media Channels of Eco-generation (Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter).






Step 1.
Please download the Nomination form by clicking
HERE. (docx format)
Step 2.
Fill out the form completely and thoroughly. You can discuss the details with your Hidden Eco-hero candidates to fill out the form.
Step 3.
Submit the completed form to Tunza Eco-generation website before 20th December, 2020. You can submit the Nomination form at
Tunza Eco-generation>Monthly Event>151. 2020 HIDDEN ECO-HERO AWARDS>Application form tab.
You can check your entry at My page tab on top of this page.
Step 4.
Participate the vote on Facebook and Tunza Eco-generation website.




Facebook Vote

Eco-generation team will select 5~7* Hidden Eco-hero nominees and post the summaries on the Eco-generation Facebook page to find the Best 3 Hidden Eco-heroes. Please like the post of the nominee you want to vote!

* Again, this number may be subject to vary.


■ Tunza Eco-generation Website Vote

Eco-generation team will post the finalists on Tunza Eco-generation website as well. Any members of Tunza Eco-generation can vote for the nominee by clicking recommendation heart at the bottom of the post.

  •    recommend      


    December 23rd 2020 ~ January 3rd 2021



    ■ Facebook: Eco-generation Facebook page  (www.facebook.com/EcoGeneration)

    Tunza Eco-generation: Home>E-gen Event>Monthly Event>Winners



    Three(3) nominees who win the biggest number of Facebook reaches (NOT LIKES) as well as the number of recommendations on Tunza Eco-generation website shall be selected as the 2020 Hidden Eco-heroes.



    Step 5. (Three winners only)
    Both Nominator and Eco-hero must take a picture together awarding the Certificate and the Souvenir. This is to confirm that the certificate and the souvenir are received by the right persons. We would like to ask the recommender to have a small interview about the award-winning and their works. Taken pictures and interview should be sent to
    eco-generation@samsung.com within TWO weeks after receiving the prizes and certificates.



    Rules and regulations


    - Although there will be no age limit for both the Hidden Eco-hero and Nominator, only ONE Hidden Eco-hero nominee will be chosen for ONE country.  
    - Multiple entries of ONE nominator up to TWO (2) different persons are allowed.
    - The nominee must have NOT been covered by any media including TV and newspaper.
    - All contents in the Nomination form must be true and correct, otherwise nomination will be canceled.
    - Eco-generation team will send the clarification email on January 5th to the top three candidates. Unless either candidate or the recommended person reply us back within 2 (TWO) days, the Hidden Eco-hero position will be automatically succeeded to the next candidate.
    - The winning certificate and gift will be delivered by DHL. Please note that they cannot be delivered to those countries where DHL service is not reached. Also, please note due to the current situation with COVID-19, the delivery may be subject to delay.


    We look forward to receiving applications from environmental enthusiasts from all over the world!!

    All The Best,
    Eco Generation Team


    Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

    Sushant Hugge

    Bindu Dhakal

    Bindu Dhakal

    Asmita Gaire

    Susmita Adhikari

    Shobha Pokhrel

    Ani Sparsiashvili

    • Ani Sparsiashvili says :
      Thanks for the nice opportunity, I am going to nominate my friend, who does amazing work for our planet, on a small Madeira island.
      Posted 18-12-2020 04:16

    Sagar  Koirala

    • Sagar Koirala says :
      Thank You for the opportunity.
      Posted 17-12-2020 18:18


    • ABBA HAJAR says :
      Thank you so much Tunza for this amazing opportunity
      Posted 14-12-2020 19:45

    Nischal Paudel

    • null says :
      Thanks very much, however, how can submit the nomination form
      Posted 11-12-2020 02:37 Delete

    Dolma Diki Sherpa

    Meena Pandey

    Susma Thapa


    Anthony Duxell Malle

    Sandhya Adhikari

    Vazira Ikhtiyorova

    • Vazira Ikhtiyorova says :
      Thank you Tunza for an amazing opportunity!
      Posted 20-11-2020 16:22

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