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Waste segregation program in Kathmandu city.

by | 24-01-2014 16:08 recommendations 0

The local government of Kathmandu has started the popular management technique of solid waste which is waste segregation. It has installed two types of dustbins at different place and naming one as degradable waste and another as non- degradable waste.


It has started at first from a small level. Firstly it started by installing in its compound and has extended it to many other busy and tourist areas. Though it is a small step it can play a great role in waste management. It has also been able to get support from different organizations.

This is a Pilot project carried out by the Kathmandu municipality and many other organizations such as Pragya seeds has been promoting this practices in the Kathmandu valley. waste management being one of the major problem in the capital city, this program and initiation aims to create awareness among the citizens and they them self become aware about it and start from their home itself,.

The local government has inspired others to carry out similar type of projects in their area as well. Even nowadays in homes the people have started to apply the concept of waste segregation and the local government now aims to bring awareness regarding it in the days to come with the joint venture from other organizations.


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  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Very good initiative. All must cooperate to make it a success.
    Posted 30-01-2014 19:30

  • says :
    That's a great move for Nepal! At the same time, education about waste segregation is really important. After so many years, there are still so many people throwing waste without separation in Korea. Adequate education must come along with the legislation.
    Posted 27-01-2014 10:15

  • says :
    it was fresh information
    Posted 25-01-2014 14:08

  • says :
    Hope the program will be sucessful
    Posted 25-01-2014 00:43

  • says :
    This was truly a great step. Keep up your efforts
    Posted 25-01-2014 00:29

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Waste segregation at source is really important and I am glad that authorities have looked into it . Thanks for sharing , Sabin.
    Posted 24-01-2014 18:44

  • says :
    great initiative, happy to hear about it. But at the same time, I do hope this will be a sustainable plan and not temporarily followed like many other plans of environment protection before.
    Posted 24-01-2014 18:41

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