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My proposal for cleaner and greener Lumbini World Heritage sites

by | 23-01-2014 21:40 recommendations 0

Peace pagoda, Lumbini
The gifts of historical stories and monuments are great, in fact very much fascinating for both of the internal and external visitors. Needless to say, such monuments and wrapped up stories in their parts are valuable treasures of a nation and even of the world. In context to my visit to historical place, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha this article is a proposal and a plead for environment conservation.

Lumbini which lies in Kapilvastu , Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha who is the founder of the religion, Buddhism. Buddhism is followed and respected all over the world its followers being highest in Asia. Lumbini holds a divine beauty with its famous monuments viz Ashoka pillar (where King Ashoka made pillar for the remembrance of birthplace of Lord Buddha), Mayadevi temple (where Lord Buddha was actually born), Korean monastery (made by Korean government), Peace pagoda (made by Japanese government) and a lot more. History suggests that Lord Buddha who lived as Prince Siddhartha Gautam in the very Lumbini was discontented on the worldly love, pain and strings and thus went on to find peace and later got Mokshya (peace in soul and mind).  This world heritage site which lies in acres of land is recognized by many social, architectural, anthropological researchers and is a glimpse of heaven for all who sets a foot into.

Present condition of Lumbini World Heritage site

Lumbini World Heritage site has monuments in good condition and many are still under construction. The area around the monuments are however quite frustrating. A good example of negligence over waste disposal is thoroughly seen. Food wrappers, plastic bags, pamphlets, posters etc. are haphazardly thrown. Consequently, beautiful lotus ponds inside the site seem to be filled with more wastes than lotuses. Similar is the case of the resting benches, parks and the parking areas. On the other hand, loose cattle grazing over the area creates nuisance. Yet dismay is to see that there seem to be no rules and policies whatsoever that can guarantee a cleaner environment. I happened to ask the local people about this and they seemed not to care much.

Why conservation and sanitation is required in Lumbini World Heritage site?

To repeat myself again, Lumbini World Heritage is a treasure of Nepal. The beautiful constructions, breathtaking ponds, mesmerizing historical areas are the things that we need to preserve along with the faith we have and identity we belong to. The pollution in this area has degraded the beauty and has also created chain reaction to the biodiversity dwelling in this area. The throw-away attitude and the waste mismanagement seems just a matter of pollution but whole the efforts to develop socially and economically will be futile when we can?t first learn to civilize on our own. And cleanliness and conservation are not only acts of common sense but also examples of civilization.

polluted ponds

My Plead and Proposal

I had never imagined that wastes can cause such an impact to the precious sites. After visiting Lumbini, I am more curious to work for conservation. During my visit, I tried to recollect solutions for this problem. Solutions can be cleanliness campaigns and for sustainability, installation of recycle bins, dustbins and strict rules including charges for creating pollution. Since, the area is very big and government has petty interests on these matters, I would like to take initiatives on my own in near future. For that, I am currently seeking help from many sectors but haven?t got a rigid support yet. To everyone who is reading this article, I would like to encourage you to help me through information and ideas to solve this. And I hereby request people visiting Lumbini World Heritage site and any other places to help minimize pollution or at least help not to maximize it.

Mayadevi temple

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  • says :
    bravo.. excellent work smriti.
    Posted 26-01-2014 13:40

  • says :
    You have stepped up for this great cause. Just following the three R's can make a difference.
    Posted 26-01-2014 01:57

  • says :
    thank you everyone, and I have hope for support in the coming time.
    Posted 25-01-2014 17:27

  • says :
    thank you smiriti sister for highlighting the bitter truth of our society..in my opinion if we think healthy environment as our valuable opulence and only follow some disciplines then everything will go in a right path
    Posted 25-01-2014 01:16

  • says :
    I wish people takes more care about their surroundings. Thanks for sharing
    Posted 25-01-2014 00:26

  • says :
    good and unique report over all, thanks for reminding us about the importance of its conservation and if you need any extra help from us we are always ready.
    Posted 24-01-2014 16:02

  • says :
    I had once visited Lumbini when I was in class 9 and I had figured out the same problem. The waste level of the site must be reduced in order to mainatain its importance. Its the duty of all the people. I will fully support you in this campaign. Your initiative is great.
    Posted 24-01-2014 15:59

  • says :
    Thank you for going through, I would love to see informations
    Posted 24-01-2014 11:49

  • says :
    Again, your local community is really lucky to have you. Thank you so much for the well organize report. It's environmentally and culturally interesting one. Nepal is especially blessed with its beautiful nature and monuments. It's so sad to see they are destroying their biggest legacy on their own hands.
    Posted 24-01-2014 09:26

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    It is our collective responsibility. Always carry a waste bag with eatables. Keep the waste in bag & later on dispose wisely
    Posted 24-01-2014 04:24

  • Arushi Madan says :
    It's really pity that people don't care for heritage site. Glad to see your passion towards conservation.
    Posted 24-01-2014 02:35

  • says :
    your proposal towards our heritage site is great, thanks for sharing and one thing we should remember that while visiting there, we visitors should reduce the waste and should throw our waste in the provided dustbin, our small effort can change the present condition of Lumbini.
    Posted 23-01-2014 23:30

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