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[Free Report] Green energy stocks in India

by Dalima Thapa | 20-10-2021 01:46 recommendations 0

As we all know climate change has been a hot topic across the globe and is also worrying growing economies. Hence the government of India has been committed to increasing the use of clean energy sources and is already undertaking various large-scale sustainable power projects and promoting green energy heavily.
Because of growing economy, India's energy needs are constantly on the rise and hence, countering air pollution has become one of the government's top priorities.
India has set out the world's largest expansion plan for renewable energy - a 5x increase of installed capacity to 450 gigawatt (GW) and is hopeful to achieve this by 2030. 50 solar parks and ultra-mega solar power projects are also planned to be set by the government, targeting over 40,000 megawatt (MW) of capacity.

Below are some list of top renewable energy companies in india-

1) Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. is part of the Tata Group and the largest integrated solar power player in the country. It has three separate business segments – manufacturing of solar cells and modules, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for solar power projects and other solar products. It provides customised and specialised solutions for various sectors like, education, banking, healthcare, telecom, etc. and operates in both rural and urban areas. Tata Power plans to expand rooftop solar services as it has already installed more than 375 MW of rooftop projects.


2) Suzlon is one of India’s leading renewable energy companies. Its services span the entire life of wind energy projects. It designs, develops, manufactures wind turbine generators (WTGs). It also provides allied services, providing it a strong presence across the wind power value chain. It does business in 18 countries across six continents. Its installed wind energy capacity, largest in India, stood at 846 MW in FY20.


3)ReNew Power Ventures operates as an
independent power producer. The company engages in the generation of non-conventional energy through solar and wind power. It sells its power to state electricity boards and large industrial companies in India. It was founded in 2011 and commenced operations in 2012 with their first project with a capacity of producing 25.20 MW from Jasdan, Gujarat. Renew Power has a capacity of more than 8.65 GW of wind & solar power assets, of this, more than 5.44 GW is already operational across the country. It plans to double its portfolio of running plants and projects under implementation to 10,000 MW in five years.


For more information on other top companies, please have a read at the source below-



  • India E-gen Ambassador Dalima Thapa


Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Dalima, this is your mentor Hannah. Sorry for the late comment!

    So there are large companies working on renewable energies: especially solar and wind turbine!
    I'm trying to research on energy storage system: lithium sulfur batteries, and know that there are great number of Indian researchers who are experts in them.
    Great introduction about the status of energy stocks in India!

    Thank you for your great article and please keep up with your wonderful work :)


    Posted 09-01-2022 18:00

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Dalima, this is your mentor Joon.

    As eco friendly method of managing waste is closely related to technologies and
    government's policy, it is quite appealing as a field of investment. Most of them are
    supported by social funds, based on taxpayers' money, so they get crucial evaluation,
    yet once they succeed, they would get significant funding leading to investments on
    further researches. It would be nice to keep them in track.

    Well read your article, and hope you are doing well.


    Posted 22-10-2021 09:01

Gokce Nur AYAZ

  • Gokce Nur AYAZ says :
    Thank you for sharing this :)
    Posted 20-10-2021 05:42

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