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Methane: A potential contributor to increase global warming

by shamim ahmed mridha | 19-10-2021 14:11 recommendations 0

Bangladesh is ranked 95th out of 111 countries in the latest World Data Atlas Ranking of Countries by Greenhouse Gas Emissions. According to World Data Atlas, the country releases 105,14 tonnes of methane and 84.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, resulting in a per capita yearly greenhouse gas output of only 1.16 tonnes. Agriculture is the largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions, accounting for roughly a quarter of total emissions, followed by the energy sector, which includes emissions from coal, oil, natural gas, and biofuels. 

According to a recent report by Canada-based emission-tracking company GHGSat Inc., Dhaka's Matuail landfill emits four tons of methane – a gas that raises atmospheric temperature 80 times more than CO2 – into the atmosphere every hour. According to experts and environmentalists, one of the main causes of the ongoing countrywide heatwave and rising temperatures is unchecked methane emissions. On April 17, GHGSat discovered that the landfill emits four tons of methane per hour after analyzing several satellite images. According to a recent news report, the amount is equivalent to the emissions from 190,000 passenger cars. 

It is high time to have some research on identifying the sources of methane in Dhaka city, a over populated mega city. Besides, we also need some potential solutions to reduce the emission of CH4.

Photographer: Mushfiqul Alam/NurPhoto/Getty Images

shamim ahmedmridha

  • Bangladesh E-gen Ambassador shamim ahmed mridha


Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Shamim, this is your mentor Hannah. Sorry for the late comment!

    Many people know that emission is carbon dioxide is enormous, but not much about methane.
    It's shocking to me that methane raises atmospheric temperature 80 times more than CO2.
    Is there some ways to reduce emission of methane gas and also carbon dioxide as well?

    Thank you for your great article and please keep up with your wonderful work :) Happy new year!


    Posted 09-01-2022 17:41

shamim ahmed mridha

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Shamim, this is your mentor Joon

    It was interesting that agriculture could be a big part on producing methane gas.
    I have heard about the case of dairy farming and production of methane gas from
    livestock, however this is my first time hearing about agriculture. As methane takes
    big part on green house effect, which leads to climate change, it is absolutely necessary
    to control the emission of it. To do so, more regulations should be made within a country
    and need to be inspected by government organizations. Hope Bangladesh can also
    speed up in this process.

    Well read your article.


    Posted 20-10-2021 16:20

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