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Zero Waste

by Malewo Chiwanga | 30-09-2021 21:31 recommendations 0

   Zero Waste 
The concept of zero waste involves certain principles which guide people not only on managing waste but the actual prevention of waste itself. Its not a full-proof method rather its a lifestyle a continuous process that constantly works towards eventually eliminated waste. 
Zero Waste has many benefits to us, it decreases pollution and aids in managing or reducing costs because there is less need for raw materials the movement first gained publicity during the early 2000's where it actually began to be taken as more than a theory and an actual practical lifestyle that could aid in environmental conservation. 
As people conscious to the importance of our environment as well as the destruction causing pollution it faces we need to seriously spread the word and encourage our local communities to do the best we can to sustain a zero waste programme.
 The very start of the method was simply the application of reusable items but this then evolved to wanting major corporations to create biodegradable materials such as paper straws and cups. 
Personally I belive a zero waste world I possible if we all work together to make it happen. 



  • Tanzania E-gen Ambassador Malewo Chiwanga


Malewo Chiwanga

  • Malewo Chiwanga says :
    Hello Mentor Joon! Thank you so much for reading my report and giving your feedback it is greatly appreciated 😊
    Posted 21-10-2021 00:07

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Malewo,
    this is your mentor Joon.

    Though we can't go 100 per cent Zero Waste. What's important is the
    attitude and seriousness of person participating it.
    By refusing one-time usages and reducing, recycling, reusing
    the materials that can be reused can make situations go better.
    Hope more people get interested to Zero Waste movement and used to the
    lifestyle guided under the code of 5Rs. Together, we would get one step closer
    to better world. Maybe you should also give it a try as it can be simple and easy
    once you get to start.

    Nicely read, and thanks for your article.


    Posted 01-10-2021 03:26

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