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NO to tea bags. YES to tea plants.

by Elina Haber | 16-09-2021 04:58 recommendations 0

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As I was preparing my green tea, I stopped and wondered; “Is my tea bag free from plastic?” How does this tea process go? Do they possibly release microplastics?” That’s why I went to surf the internet and found an answer to my main question: “Is the production of tea bags harmful to our environment? And to our health?” 

There are many tea bags brands and they use different packaging, for instance my Lipton tea is packaged with compostable unbleached hemp and non-chlorine-bleached paper; but they still contain plastic.(1) Other than unsustainable packaging, tea bags tend to contain less EGCG (a chemical which targets weight loss) than the original plant. Thirdly, the process of chopping, slicing and dicing the leaves releases dust. Fourthly, tea bags are made up of plastic, therefore they are not decomposable, neither recyclable, they then cause water pollution. What’s inside the tea bag is harmful for both the environment and our health. Another way the tea bags harm our health, is the stapled bit it has, this string adds a slight metallic taste to the tea.(2) Oh.. and don't hesitate to bury the used tea bag in your garden, it is proven to boost the growth of plants in a way or another. Make sure to do your research to understand this process better.

Hmm, then why don’t I make a cup of tea out of an original plant? So I went to my garden and reached our herbal green tea plant grown at home. Here’s what I did: 1. Pick a few leaves 2. Cut them shorter 3. Boil them with water. And voila, the green tea free from plastic is ready. 

All in all, tea bags can be harmful for our health and environment in many ways. Eventhough those are made out of real plants, making tea out of your own herbal plant is a better, greener and healthier choice. Let's say NO to tea bags and YES to tea plants

Thanks for reading, and please let me hear your thoughts. Have an awesome day! 
1Lipton Packaging (journaltimes.com)
My herbal green tea plant

Elina Haber

  • Lebanon E-gen Ambassador Elina Haber


pallavi singh

  • pallavi singh says :
    this is so nicely explained thanks for sharing this, i would really love to talk on this topics and for sure i'll share this with other to. i never knew this before but feeling great because i know this now.
    Posted 23-09-2021 11:45

Hannah Mentor

  • Hannah Mentor says :
    Hello Elina, this is your mentor Hannah.
    Your article on tea plants are so inspiring and I love how you actually tried one out!
    It was new to find out that tea bags contain plastic and has other harmful effects on environment.
    I'll try the tea plant as well.

    Thank you for your great article and please keep up :)
    Posted 22-09-2021 22:17

Katie Lau

  • Katie Lau says :
    Hi Elina,
    thanks for sharing! great to see that you tried making this more eco-friendly tea :)
    Posted 22-09-2021 16:25

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Hello Elina,
    I do hope you are fine there and doing great with your works,
    Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting article about the habit of using the tea plant than the tea bag,
    By observing the plants that you had used, it seems to be Lemon grass or cetronella and i really like the flavor of this plant,

    Keep writing,
    We are eager to read much more from you in coming days,

    Posted 22-09-2021 02:28

Seyi Jang

  • Seyi Jang says :
    Wow I heard that the tea bags are bad but I have never thought about tea plants. Thank you for sharing!!
    Posted 21-09-2021 23:35

Joon Mentor

  • Joon Mentor says :
    Hello Elina,
    this is your mentor Joon.

    Very interesting approach. I have never thought of making my own
    tea with plants growing on my backyard! I wonder how it tastes.
    Also, nicely pointed out that, even though tea bags made of paper
    does not seem to have plastic, it actually does. I have never known
    that. It would be nice free topic to research about goods that pollute
    our environment while they do not not seem to. Tumblers may be
    the good example as tumblers produce much more pollutant on its
    manufacture so it needs several usage counts until it becomes less
    polluting than disposable cups.

    Thank you for the article.


    Posted 17-09-2021 18:30

Vivian Nabisere

  • Vivian Nabisere says :
    Thank you for the information.
    Posted 17-09-2021 04:57

Prince Foley

  • Prince Foley says :
    Oh, I didn't know how harmful tea bags and the tea itself are that bad to the environment and our bodies, thank you for sharing this. “SHARING IS CARING INDEED.”
    Posted 16-09-2021 14:31

Gokce Nur AYAZ

  • Gokce Nur AYAZ says :
    This is so nice!! Thank you for sharing :)
    Posted 16-09-2021 06:00

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