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Happy Eco-Friendly Raksha Bandhan

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Rakhi or Raksha Bandha is a true festival of love and relationship of brothers and sisters.


It is the day when a sister ties a knot on her brother's wrist and brother in return present her some beautiful gifts. If you celebrate this festival then for sure you must be looking for something special.

I know that market this time will be full of all kinds of designer and beautiful rakhis, but why not to do something extra on this Rakhi. What about tying an eco friendly rakhi on your brother's wrist, which is made by you. 


If you are a socially conscious consumer then you will prefer eco friendly gifts for sure. Eco friendly gifts are not just made from eco friendly organic material but also in this category some recycled products and gifts are counted. 

Our environment at present is facing an alarming danger from our development. We can feel the climate and temperature changes. Recent floods, earthquakes, changing weather is all pointing towards the same direction of altering nature. 

Now think of the best you can do to save our mother Earth. It is the way we gift. Better to shift towards more eco friendly gift ideas. 

As the people are becoming more and more aware of environment and its changing nature the slogan ¿Buy eco-friendly and energy-efficient products¿ is becoming very popular. It is encouraging the consumers to buy eco friendly gift for their families and friends. 

How to Make Eco Friendly Rakhi?

Material Required:

Cotton Thread

Silk threads

Beads, pearl or sequins



To make a colorful rakhi take the multicolored cotton or silk threads or you can also take the red cotton thread that is called 'mauli' in India. Keep the thread long enough for tying a knot on your brother's wrist. 

Take golden thread and wrap it around the bunch of threads and at the end tie a knot with the same. Leave a bit of end for tying a knot to give it a brush look. If you want then you can cut the end of brush to give it more even look.

Now take glue and embellishments you have bought such as pearls, beads, sequins. Apply glue on the center of the thread, you have made and stick one of these items there. Now depending upon the size of thread and number of embellishments, you can paste these to decorate your Rakhi. 

What a brother can gift to her lovely sisters?

 Eco Friendly Rakhi Gift Ideas

Recycled Glass Jewelry

Portable Grocery Bags

Eco Friendly Art Supplies

Organic Cotton Apparels

Green Tea


Solar Chargers for Different Gadgets

Herb Growing Kit

Organic Home Furnishing Items

Organic or Herbal Cosmetics

Handmade Eco Friendly Gifts



Eco Friendly Gift Ideas


Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

Bamboo is an extremely eco friendly product. It does not need any man made fertilizer or chemical for its growth. As it is a sort of grass so it grows very quickly and that too from the same plant. So after one crop is harvested the same plant can reproduce another bamboo plant in six months. 

Now what you can buy. Anything from home furnishing to clothes, mats, carpets, kitchen furnishing can be bought that is made from bamboo plant. Apart from this there are bamboo holders, candle holders, pen or pencil holder, wall hanging and more of these kinds available to you in the market. 

These eco friendly gifts look great. At the same time these are very strong as made from natural material. Bamboo products are also resistant to mold and mildew and fungus because of some natural chemicals in the bamboo that remain in the plant even after its processing into final product.

Reusable Shopping Bags

If you are looking for something very stylish and trendy eco friendly gift then nothing can beat the charm of reusable shopping bags. Even you will find many celebrities carrying these shopping bags and flaunting their style. The reusable shopping bags are made from eco friendly material and 100% washable. You can give this as environmentally friendly gifts to your friends or family. Apart from all these, the eco friendly shopping bags are extremely easy to carry and use. 

Keeping in mind the today's fashion, the bag manufacturers churn out very stylish yet durable bags. These are far far better than the plastic bags. 

Not only this but reusable shopping bags also follow the Fair Trade and socially friendly practices. These practices provide sustainable livelihood and work opportunities to artisans and craftsmen all across the world.

E Books

If your friend or family member is electronic geek and has the habit of reading books then why not to present him or her an e book. You will find very innovative wireless reading device known as Kindle 
Wireless Reading Device at Amazon.com. It absolutely eliminates the use of paper for reading. To make papers each year hundreds and thousands of trees are cut every year. So if we develop the habit if reading E books then we can save lot of trees that is a great natural resource.

Solar Mobile Cell Phones Chargers

Another very good eco friendly gift idea can be solar mobile cell phone charges. Charge the charger with solar energy and then use this to charge your batteries and cell. This is a portable device that does not need those cumbersome wires. Hence you can carry this while traveling as well. Isn't it a great eco friendly gift idea.

Recycled Jewelry

Recycled jewelry is again one of the fantastic eco friendly gift ideas an dat present taking the fashion world by storm. Manufacturers today keep in finding new to new ideas for making the recycled jewelry.

Organic Apparel

Again if you want to gift someone something organic and eco friendly then why not to give them organic apparel. These apparel are made from 100% organic material like organic cotton, organic Egyptian cotton, silk etc. So depending upon your budget you can buy the material. Always before buying do check the organic symbol and certificate for these apparels and clothes.

Eco Friendly Gift Basket

Make an eco friendly gift basket. In this basket not only the products but also its packing will be eco friendly. Pick all chemical free products like organic soap, organic shampoo, organic tea and so on to make the best eco friendly gift.

Gift a Tree

Gift someone a tree and believe me no gift can be more eco friendly gift than tree.

Homemade Jams and Pies

Make other person happy with your recipes. Gift someone with homemade jams and pies.?

Eco Beauty Products

If you want to give gift to your mom, girlfriend or sister then look for eco friendly beauty products. Many big cosmetic companies are now manufacturing eco beauty products. You can buy these separately and make a gift hamper of all these.

More Eco Friendly Gift Ideas


Rechargeable Batteries and Chargeable Cells

Batteryless Self Powered Flashlights

Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

Solar Mobile Cell Phone Chargers

Reusable Kitchen Utensils

Eco Friendly Solar Powered Watches

Eco Friendly Sneakers

Eco Heater

Eco friendly Yoga Mats

Energy Saving LED lights

Solar Panel



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