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Tunza Eco-generation Service

  • · About Us └ About this website and who we are.
  • · Resources └ Cool materials about the environment! Use our resources for school work for your own knowledge, or just for fun!
    • - Air Learn about air, the consequences of air pollution, and what we can do to mitigate its harmful effects.
    • - Water Links to water science experiments that can help you learn about the importance of clean, safe water.
    • - Land Know what causes land pollution, its harmful effects, and the roles forests play in our environment.
    • - Ecosystem Everything you need to know about ecosystems.
    • - Climate Change Learn how climate change is becoming a global challenge that threatens the environment and our health, and how you can take action to prevent it.
    • - Energy Eco-friendly power sources that strive to protect the environment.
    • - Living green Live green and understand that our actions impact the environment.
    • - Feature Check out our environmental database
  • · Our Actions └ We want you to be a part of this website! Post articles and share your thoughts with other members around the world. You can also share your stories via Facebook or Twitter.
    • - Ambassador report As an environmental Ambassador, you will pick and share two environmental issues of your representing country every month. If you fulfill your duties for six months, you will be awarded with an official certificate from Tunza Eco-generation!
    • - World report Become an environmental journalist and write articles in this section of the website. Share your own local environment news with all Eco-generation members. You will receive feedbacks from other environmental enthusiasts around the world. It’s a great way to make new friends and contribute to conserving the environment. The most popular article will appear on the main page!
    • - Ambassador program Apply to become an Ambassador!
    • - Opportunities Check out global opportunities to be engaged such as local environmental campaigns, environmental excursions or even environmental festivals. Please share your local opportunities for other members.
    • - Gallery Check out your photos taken at the events hosted or sponsored by Tunza Eco-generation!
  • · Forums └ Share your opinions or upload pictures in our existing forums, or create a new forum to exchange ideas and views about any environmental issues with like-minded people from your area or all around the world.
  • · E-Gen Event └ We host a number of environmental contests for anyone passionate about the environment. Enter our competitions to win awards from the prestigious organizatios such as UNEP, Samsung Engineering and more!
    • - Monthly Event You can join the monthly contests of Tunza Eco-generation. Theme of the month differs every time and the winning gifts are varied as well! You can always find the fun events in here.
    • - Junior Engineering Academy Learn more about what makes Junior Engineering Academy special. Junior Engineering Academy not only provides specialist lectures, laboratory demonstrations but also a chance to be engaged in hands-on project in order to advance their awareness on the role and commitment to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and mitigating energy-related impacts on the environment.
  • · UNEP Events └ You can check out the Tunza Events that UNEP organizes regionally and globally.
  • · Fun Land └ If you are bored with the textbooks and lectures, you can visit here to enjoy games, animations and comics related to the environmental issues! You can gain knowledge as well as have fun! If you are aged below 13, though you cannot join Tunza Eco-generation platform as a member, you may enjoy this Fun Land without signing in! (Oops, some of the games like Eco Running Man and Clear the GHGs require username though; rest of the content is open to anyone!)
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  • . Eco-generation's Point system └ Whenever you log-in, communicate with each other, points will be earned. The more points you get, the more opportunities you will have! The details of the point system are as below :
    • - Log-in : 1 point
    • - Comment : 2 points
    • - Posting: 10 points
    • * Points will be reset to zero on January 1st of each year.
    • Points will be one of the most important criteria for major events. For example,
    • Eco-generation's Point system example
      No Event Title Portion
      1 Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors Points based on Clean User
      System 30%
      Application 70%
      2 Best Member of the Quarter Points based on Clean User System 30%
      Active participation in the events 70%
      3 Global Youth Eco-Leaders Initiative
      (Ammong groups aged between 13 and 15)
      As seen from above examples, accrued points
      will be a very crucial factor of major events at Tunza Eco-generation!
      Portion of point to be reflected on selection will be informed with event details.
  • · Copyright Violation └ If one violates copyright laws, Eco-generation administrator will delete pictures, images andnews articles without prior notice. The examples of violation of the copyright law are listed below.
    • - Illegally downloaded images and movie films from other person's blogs or websites
    • - Copying any news or articles from other websites and pasting the contents without permission of the original author.
    • - Any other sources which achieved no permission from the original author
  • · Proper Website Use └ Eco-generation administrator shall delete articles and comments without prior noticeif the contents are not appropriate for the purpose of each boards of TUNZA Eco-generation website.Eco-generation administrator can suspend users’ account in case of severe violations on Eco-generation’s regulations and infringement of other users’ usability. The examples are listed below:
    • - Violation on the copyright laws
    • - Contents which don’t match the purpose of each webpage of TUNZA Eco-generation
    • - Meaningless comments to gain activity points
    • - Provocative articles and comments which include insults and discrimination.

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